Ed Hollingsworth

Senior Software Architect

Mr. Hollingsworth is a twenty-year veteran of the IT industry, specializing in the design and implementation of service-based web applications leveraging Java, Enterprise Edition (JEE) technologies. As a Senior Solutions Architect, he possesses a strong background in Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), as well as significant experience in cloud integration, Microservices development, and DevOps. Mr. Hollingsworth is also fluent in a wide range of third-party APIs, frameworks and tools, and is proficient with Oracle's relational database management system, including SQL and PL/SQL.

Having supported Federal Government clients for over fourteen years, Mr. Hollingsworth is also experienced in project management and technical leadership and has worked within both the waterfall and Agile software development paradigms. Additionally, Mr. Hollingsworth possesses extensive business process modeling experience using standard and proprietary notations, including driving processes to implementation using BPEL and BPMS software tools. Mr. Hollingsworth's commitment to breaking down traditional barriers between Business and IT is clearly evident in his client work.